Peshawar Medical College (Prime)

Phone:+92(091)5202191+92(091)5202192+92(091)5202193+92(091)5202194 FAX:+92(091)5202195 E-mail:pmc@prime.edu.pk Website:http://www.prime.edu.pk Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rehman-Medical-College-Peshawar/139891962720469 Address:Peshawar Medical College Warsak Road Peshawar NWFP Pakistan Postal Code:25160 PMC (Peshawar Medical College) and PDC (Peshawar Dental College)

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Peshawar Medical College Warsak Road Peshawar NWFP Pakistan

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PMC (Peshawar Medical College) and PDC (Peshawar Dental College) are student centered colleges. These was  established with a clear objective of producing doctors who are:

  1. Professionally competent
  2. Excellent in ethical values and practice
  3. Cognizant of community health needs
  4. Research minded
  5. Well versed in IT and latest health technologies
  6. Capacitated to successfully meet the global health challenges
  7. Able to place themselves at national and international levels in a highly competitive environment

Obviously the realization of just cited purpose required a host of resources and facilities. We can confidently say that we have done a lot in that direction and are continuously improving and updating. We have opted for the latest modes of teaching and assessment methods within the framework of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. We have hired the best of talent in-country and from abroad, the best of persons as teaching and support staff. We are genuinely proud of our magnificent human resources which is the back bone of both the colleges. In addition we have magnificent college campuses, facilitated resident hostels and quality teaching hospitals to young medical graduates. 

PMC is also recognized by PM&DC for M Phil in all Basic Sciences. The attached teaching hospitals of Peshawar Medical college have been recognized by CPSP for FCPS as well. Our commitment is to give the best possible facilities to young doctors and expect reciprocal commitment of full devotion to their studies. 

At colleges we have disciplined yet participatory and friendly learning environment. Our Students are the real asset for us and our nation. Their development is our prime concern. To that end we have devised a Human Development Based (HuDeBa) Curriculum in line with PM&DC guidelines. The curriculum is tailored to your holistic personal development including professional and ethical development. Curricular and co-curricular activities have their due share in achieving all that.

Come with determination to invest your selves for quality output and bright future. We believe in creating your tomorrow today.

Peshawar Medical College (Prime)

June 24, 2012

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