Peshawar College Of Engineering (PCE)

Address:Peshawar College of Engineering, Army Welfair Trust (AWT) Housing Scheme, Kohat Road, Peshawar.  Phone No:+92-091-2370748, +90-091-2370989.   Fax:+92-091-2370748  Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peshawar-college-of-engineering/137894616285258 E-mail:contact@pce.edu.pk  Website:http://www.pce.edu.pk Peshawar College of

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Peshawar College of Engineering, Army Welfair Trust (AWT) Housing Scheme, Kohat Road, Peshawar. 

Phone No:
+92-091-2370748, +90-091-2370989.  





Peshawar College of Engineering is a premier institution of engineering education in the private sector in KPK. This College has been established with an aim to give quality education to its students by equipping them with knowledge and skill that are vital in fast changing world and to help them move from useful learning to a rewarding future.

This College was established in 1996 and was located in a rental campus in Hayatabad Township scheme. In 1998 it shifted to its self owned permanent campus in the Army Welfare Housing Scheme. Far from the congested areas of Peshawar city, it is located at about 10 km from the Dry Port of Peshawar on the famous Kohat Road. Is is a self owned and particularly designed infrastructure to accommodate, a modern technical institution by any national and international standards. The campus enjoys all the facilities like on-campus playgrounds, hostel, mosque and a near by hospital. The college also offers pick and drop service to day scholars.

The main emphasis of the college is to provide a peaceful environment to its students without being effected by the unnecessary events such as strikes, boycotts or any other disturbances that can affect their studies. We are offering programmes that will enable students to gain truly broad base experience and knowledge, and will help them to make the right choice in their careers.

Courses are being offered in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering (E.E) and Computer System Engineering (C.S.E) based on the semester system. The courses are spread over eight semesters (four academic years). These are based on lectures associated with practical instructions and laboratory work. The details of the courses are available separately. The NWFP University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar shall award the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer System Engineering.

Peshawar College Of Engineering

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Peshawar College Of Engineering (PCE)

June 14, 2012

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