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The current list of Pashtoons tribes/clans circulating from various pages on facebook is completily wrong. They mentioned 72 tribes while according to wikipedia

Estimates of the number of Pashtun tribes and clans range from about 350 to over 400

They are traditionally divided into four tribal confederacies: the Sarbani (سربڼي), the Bettani (بېټني), the Gharghashti (غرغښتي), and the Karlani (کرلاڼي).

According to an authentic Pashto online resources website, they published a book “Pukhtani Qabele Opejhany” written by Dr. Latif Yad where they mentioned about 135 tribes with complete information, hierarchy and origin. One can download the E-Book for free by following this link.

Let me show you the table which becomes viral now a days, but the information in the table about tribes is not valid and countless complaints on the pictures has been submitted already.

pashtuns tribes

Pukhtoogle always trying to promote Pashto language especially on digital media. One of our Pashto dictionary website has a list of 132 tribes, contributed by authentic members. The list is live from more than 4 years and users are trying to validate it. If you have authenic information about these tribes you can add some bytes here.

Please read the book if you can’t find your tribe in the list. Zalimano tayare ta nast yai tol rata inboxes kai khu de book ke yo ghoopa owahai har sa pake shta..

Staso Raye?


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