Pashto ghazal maestro Khial Mohammad receives highest Afghan award

Pashto ghazal maestro Khial Mohammad was decorated with the highest civil national award of Afghanistan at a function held at Afghan Consulate here on Thursday.

Afghan Consular General at Peshawar Dr Abdullah Waheed Poyan decorated Khial Mohammad with Mir Bacha Khan Award on behalf of Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani. Earlier the Afghan consular general announced the prestigious award for the singer during a function organised by Pak-Afghan Journalists Peace Forum on November 1, 2016 at Nishtar Hall.

He read out the message of President Ashraf Ghani wherein he lauded the contribution of the singer and said Khial Mohammad was being awarded the Afghanistan highest civil award in recognition of his services for Pashto music and culture. He prayed for long life and good health of the great singer. Speaking on the occasion, ANP central general secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain thanked the Afghan government for honouring a Pashto singer from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said that such gesture was manifestation of the fact that the two brotherly countries shared not only religion, language, culture and traditions but were also working for promotion of harmony among the people across the border.

The gesture is manifestation of the fact that the two brotherly countries Pakistan and Afghanistan shared not only religion, language, culture and traditions but were also working for promotion of harmony among the people across the border.
The ANP leader said that it was right time to reduce differences between the two countries as the enemies of peace were creating differences among the people. He said that Pakhtun culture was attacked by imperialist forces from time to time but they failed to eliminate it.

Recalling his governmentโ€™s efforts for art and culture, Mr Hussain said that about 110 artists were awarded cash prizes including Rs1 million to Khial Mohammad to encourage them and promote culture and art. ANP leader Afrasiab Khattak in his speech also appreciated the Afghan government and said that peoples of the two countries could not be separated through erecting walls as their hearts were tied. He said that the region suffered a lot due to international conspiracies and militancy but hopped it would soon come out of the bad situation.

PTI leader MPA Shaukat Yousafzai said that awarding Khial Mohammad was an honour for the whole Pakhtun nation. Lauding Khialโ€™s services for Pashto music, he said that such people born in centuries. He said that provincial government was taking steps for the welfare of artists and promotion of art and culture.

He also appreciated Mian Iftikhar Hussain for his sacrifices for peace.

Mr Yousafzai announced Rs500,000 for Khial Mohammad.

ANP senior leader Haji Adeel, artists, writers, professors and journalists attended the ceremony. Earlier, Naqeebullah Ehsas from the Afghan Consulate welcomed the guests. A documentary by senior journalist on life of Khial Mohammad was also screened. A music show followed the programme.

Originally published in Dawn, November 18th, 2016

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