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Google Translate Pashto

Pashto is available in Google translate now

In 2006, Google started with machine learning-based translations between English and Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Almost 10 years later, with this update, Google now offer


Pukhtunwali – Pashtunwali Code

The native Pashtun tribes, who are often described as fiercely independent people, have inhabited the Pashtunistan region since at least the 1st millennium BC. Much

Pashto Botanical Names

Adaipashtawar     Abelia Triflora Aghzakai     Prosopis Spicigera Anar     Punicis Grantsum Badar     Taxus Baccata Bahan     Populus Euphratica Bajur     Picea Webbiana Bandukai

History Of Haiko

Haiku/Haiko is a very important form of traditional Japanese poetry. It is believed to have originated in the 17th century. Haikus are designed to convey

Pashto Names For Girls

A Afia (عفيه) Vitality Aghala (اغله) Pleasing Ambrin (عمبرين) Scent Angeza (انګېزه) Reason, Logic Apana (آپانه) Almond Ariana (اريانه) Land of Arians (Arial – Noble

Pashto Names For Boys

Abasin (اباسين) The Indus River Aimal (اېمل) Friend, خوا خوږې Alam / Alamzeb (عالم \ عالم زيب) Alam: World, Zeb: Beauty Amail (امېل) Necklace Amu