I will come to Pakistan soon: Malala

Icon of girl students’ courage, Malala Yousafzai said she is proud of Pakistan and vowed to take it to newer heights.

“I am proud of Pakistan and I miss Pakistan. We are Pakistanis and we will take our country forward,” she pledged, adding that she will come to Pakistan soon.

In an exclusive interview to Geo News, Malala, the youngest person to receive the honourary citizenship of Canada, stressed that terrorists do not represent her country.

“Women, who stand up for their rights, including myself, represent Pakistan. Terrorists do not represent my country,” she said.

She said, said strong women who stand up for their rights, not terrorists, are the true representatives of Pakistan. Malala has called upon the men to play their role in resolving women issues at micro and macro level.

“Issues related to women are global, they are not limited to any specific country or to any particular society. So men have to play a role in this and they should come out and work with the community leaders for educating girls at least up to twelve years of compulsory education,” she said while addressing a reception hosted for her by the High Commissioner of Pakistan, Tariq Azim Khan.

She said, “If my father had not allowed me to speak out, I would not have been allowed to come here and speak here and be who I am today”.

She said, “Although my country Pakistan is making steady progress in education and women emancipation but we need to put together all our efforts to deal with the forces which are against girls’ education”.

She urged Canadians to open their hearts for refugees as they flee oppression in their own countries. She appealed the international community to open their doors for Syrian refugees and for all those people who leave their homes in search for peace.

“It is the spirit of humanity that every single one of us would yearn for if our family was in crisis. I pray that you continue to open your homes, your hearts, to the world’s most defenceless children and families and I hope your neighbours will follow your example”, she added.

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