Updated List of KP constituencies for Election

KP constituencies

According to new rules and amendment in National Assembly constituencies, KP has been modified as per the following table.

NA1:Chitral Provincial constituencies
NA2:Swat1 PK1:Chitral PK39:Abbotabad PK77:Pwr
NA3:Swat2 PK2:Swat1 PK40:Haripur PK78:Pwr
NA4:Swat3 PK3:Swat2 PK41:Haripur Pk79:Pwr
NA5:Upper Dir PK4:Swat3 PK42:Haripur PK80:Kohat
NA6:Lower Dir1 PK5:Swat PK43:Swabi PK81:Kohat
NA7:Lower Dir2 PK6:Swat PK44:Swabi PK82:Kohat
NA8:Malakand protected areas PK7:Swat PK45:Swabi PK83:Hangu
NA9:Buner PK8:Swat PK46:Swabi PK84:Hangu
NA10:Shangla PK9:Swat PK47:Swabi PK85:Karak
NA11:Kohistan PK10:Upper Dir PK48:Mardan PK86:Karak
NA12:Batagram PK11:Upper Dir PK49:Mardan PK87:Bannu
NA13:Mansehra1 PK12:Upper Dir PK50:Mardan PK88:Bannu
NA14:Mansehra cum Torghar PK13:Lower Dir PL51:Mardan PK89:Bannu
NA15:Abbotabad1 PK14:Lower Dir PK52:Mardan PK90:Bannu
NA16:Abbotabad2 PK15:Lower Dir PK53:Mardan PK91:Lakki
NA17:Haripur PK16:Lower Dir Pak54:Mardan PK92:Lakki
NA18:Swabi1 PK17:Lower Dir PK55:Mardan Pak93:Lakki
NA19:Swabi2 PK18:Malakand PK56:Charsadda PK94:Tank
NA20:Mardan1 PK19:Malakand PK57:Charsadda PK95:DI khan
NA21:Mardan2 PK20:Buner PK58:Charsadda PK96:DI Khan
NA22:Mardan3 PK21:Buner PK59:Charsadda PL97:DI Khan
NA23.Charsadda1 PK22:Buner PK60:Charsadda PK98:DI Khan
NA24:Charsadda2 PK23:Shangla PK61:Nowshera PK99:DI Khan
NA25:Nowshera1 PK24:Shangla Pak62:Nowshera
NA26:Nowshera2 PK25:Kohistan Pak63:Nowshera
NA27:Peshawar1 PK26:Kohistan Pak64:Nowshera
NA28:Peshawar2 PK27:Kohistan Pak65:Nowshera
NA29:Peshawar3 PK28:Batagram Pak66:Pwr
NA30:Peshawar4 PK29:Batagram PK67:Pwr
NA31:Peshawar5 PK30:Mansehra PK68:Pwr
NA32:Kohat Pak31:Mansehra Pk69:Pwr
NA33:Hangu PK32:Mansehra PK70:Pwr
NA34:Karak PK33:Manshera PK71:Pwr
NA35:Bannu PK34:Mansehra PK72:Pwr
NA36:Lakki Marwat PK35:Torghar PK73:Pwr
NA37:Tank PK36:Abbotabad PK74:Pwr
NA38:DI Khan1 PK37:Abbotabad PK75:Pwr
NA39:DI Khan2 PK38:Abbotabad PK76:Pwr

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