Raids being conducted to arrest relatives of school principal in Hayatabad

The police have started conducting raids to arrest relatives of a school principal who reportedly attacked the house of a local for approaching high-ups against the unlawful activities of the institution’s head.

A police official told reporters that policewomen had been called to search different houses for arresting the accused who attacked the house of a local for exposing the wrongdoings of a private school principal, belonging to Lakki Marwat and was running his institution in a posh area of Peshawar.

The official said that action would be taken against whoever was involved in any unlawful activity. An official said that some relatives of the school principal tried to influence the police to get favour for the accused arrested on the charges of sexually assaulting women and making their films.

A mega scandal of a pervert school principal abusing women in his institution located in a posh area of the provincial capital and filming the entire episode through hidden cameras was unearthed by the police the other day after which the accused was rounded up.

Police said they had recovered a number of videos that the accused was using for blackmailing women, sex medicines, hashish and other objectionable stuff was recovered from the school that has been sealed on Sunday.

A police official said that a man had been held who in the guise of a cab driver used to bring women from outside the school where he used to abuse them and make their videos for blackmailing them in future.

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