The first Digital Skills & Freelancing platform to start in Peshawar

The City of Flowers, Peshawar – Once known to be a place of story tellers, where nomads and travelers from all over the world

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The City of Flowers, Peshawar – Once known to be a place of story tellers, where nomads and travelers from all over the world would come and tell stories of their journeys, share experiences and spread knowledge and education.

Since, Pakistan became the front line state against terrorism, the northern province, KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) in general and its capital city, Peshawar, in particular, became the victim to all ills, and almost every individual, organization and business have suffered one way or the other.

Though, education has been the prime focus of every Govt but handing over degrees, certificates and diplomas in this digital age won’t be sufficient for a huge bulk of under privileged, uneducated & unemployed community.

However, Internet is huge and can cater this mass unemployment, if done correctly.

Amid of the all chaos, a group of highly skilled and talented professionals have taken on this burden over their shoulders and are on a mission to make internet works for everyone. Everyone.pk is a Digital Skills and Freelancing platform proudly incubated at Cluster (Community driven Co-working space for Freelancer’s and Creative’s in Peshawar) helping Pakistani’s get the skills needed and abilities expected to benefit and thrive from the Internet.

As the name suggest, the platform is open for every individual, whether you have a degree or never been to school but have the passion to learn the digital skills or polish your existing skills and earn a decent and legitimate earning online via freelancing.

Though, anyone can enroll in the platform but a few individuals will benefit the most:

  • Unemployed: Individuals, who either have a degree or no formal education and are jobless.
  • Employed but Unhappy: Individuals, who have a job but either wish to switch or start a new career.
  • Employed but looking for extra Income: Individuals, who are paid less and looking for other legitimate source.

Our experienced and skilled trainers will train you step by step to horn your skills and mentor you all the way till you seek a career path or start earning. Our first batch will start in August at Cluster but to preserve the integrity and quality of our program, we are keeping very limited seats at the moment.

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