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Torkham Border

Six Afghans with virus symptoms deported

The health and immigration authorities at the Torkham border deported at least six Afghans to their country after they were found having symptoms of coronavirus

days of the week in Pashto

Days of the week in Pashto

Today we will discuss days of the week in Pashto, we’ve mentioned all possible meanings, accent and dielect people are using in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Pashto Language

Different types of Ye in Pashto language

ی-ي-ې-ئ-ۍ په پښتو لیکنۍ ژبه کې پنځه ډوله یاګانې شته او کاریږي: ی لومړنۍ: بي ټکي (ی) چې د مفرد مذکر لپاره استعمالیږي، لکه منګی،