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Islamia College Peshawar HD - Pukhtoogle (32)

Islamia College Peshawar HD - Pukhtoogle (32)
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Old Peshawar

Old & Unique pictures of Peshawar including Qilla Bala Hissar, Qissa Khwani Bazar, Qabli Gate, Hashtnagari, Islamia College Peshawar, Gor Gatri, Setian and other well known places. (Hits: 32395)

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Peshawar to Kabul Bus

Peshawar Fire Brigade

Old Post Office Chamkani Peshawar

Hashnagari Peshawar Old

Ganta Gar Peshawar Old

Tehsil Gor Gatri Peshawar

Peshawar by Charles W. Bartlett (published by Watanabe Shozaburo)

Peshawar Old Street by Sabestian Vander Vliet

Old Gun Musket Pashtuns

Clock Tower Ganta Gar Peshawar

Afridi Bus Service Peshawar Old

Mughal Bridge Peshawar

Qissa Khawani Peshawar - Pukhtoogle

Waziristan Lat 1940 - Pukhtoogle

University Public School Peshawar - Pukhtoogle

Photograph, a formal group portrait of chieftains from Kohistan near the Peshawar border of the North West Frontier Province (now in Pakistan), taken in 1879-80

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