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Rehman Baba

Rahman Baba a renowned Pashtun Sufi Darevish and poet from Peshawar; his shrine is located in Hazar Khwani Peshawar. One can visit his shrine from Gunj (City side) or ring road which is prefer for those coming from Kohat, Hayatabad, Charsada or Nowshera. The shrine was bombed in 2009 by militants and re-opened in Nov 2012. Let me show you some glimpses of his shrine and activities over there.


1.  The main entrance of the shrine opposite to the mosque; the place where the picture was capture used for Mushaira and prayer.


2. Rahman Baba public library is located on the left side of the entrance. Books about Religion, Law, Science and politics is available for students, researchers and visors.

Rehman Baba Library


3. Inside of the shrine; there are 2 entrance one for male and one for female visitors. A box for donation which can be utilize for Langar later.

Rehman Baba


4. Salt (Malga); believed as cure for disease and healing. Kam khalk che mazar ke telawat kai aghe da malga bya dam kai.

Rehman Baba


5. The walls are decorated with Rahman Baba Dewan, Islamic calligraphy and other instructions by shrine management.

Rehman Baba


6. Shrine and surrounding area is full of beautiful flowers and trees. Wana pluck some flowers? read No 7

Rehman Baba


7. As home, Manjawar* take care of the shrine very carefully and will not allow someone to pluck flowers. Bilingual instruction 😉


8. According to a Malang, Chars Ba Odas Ke Ski 😉 btw smoking is prohibited in the shrine but there is special place where so called Malang use to smoke. Don’t forget to watch the video at the end.


9. Twice a day Langar for visitors and needy people; most of them are homeless and residing here.

Rehman Baba Langar


10. Dozens of pigeon, peacock and hen can be found near Langar & the area where Malang, Manjawar and homeless are residing.

Rehman Baba


11. Shrine of Tawas Gul Baba located infront of Langar area; i am not sure about the history. Khalk Khu wai da dalta yo tawas wo agha bya mar shu nu khalk warta tawas baba wai.. Nu bya da Plar e pake kam khwa na ralo 😀 Za bus jany do khalk khu har sa wai..

Rehman Baba


12. The right side of shrine leads toward Qabristan where a boy is selling Amrood Chat, i try 2 plates pa khudy der sur e oko, dalta da de waro waro sezona yo biala maza da, Wrak ka McDonalds aw KFC..


13. This siri grewan guy is selling Pekory in-front of Mazar. Bus peera nor barabary de khu try to cover it from dust


14. Sharbat e Sandal? Garmyano ke da zaror try kai fridge ba darna jor ke 😉


Farooq Firaq, one of well known journalist recently covered a story and i want to share it with you people so you ll get the whole theme of the shrine and people.

As i mentioned earlier “Chars Ba Odas Ke Ske”, it was featured in one of documentary by Yousaf Jan. Let’s watch it again..

Mushkil alfaz:

  1. Manjawar : A malang who spend his life in shrine to protect shrine, help people and visitors.
  2. Langar : 2 or 1 time free meal for visitors and homeless, Paitee Shareefa 😀 someone asked Maulana Bijligar about Paitee Shareef and i don’t want to expose his answer hahaha PG18+
  3. Mushaira : An event where poet share their work.

Staso Raye?


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