UET First Mechanical Engineer is a Jobless, Psycho Patient & Drugs Addict


Unemployment is a focal issue since when unemployment is high, assets are wasted and individuals depressed or discouraged;. Now we see that in Pakistan what is the circumstance of unemployment and what are its financial and social effects. This is terrible for Pakistan’s economy there are lots of well and healthy people who have the ability to work but have to stay home because of the fact that there are no vacancies according to their studies. We think that new generation is facing this issue, but a UET graduate who have done with Mechanical Engineering in 1975 facing the same issue.

UET First Mechanical Engineer is a Jobless Psycho Patient & Drugs Addict , Engr. Ghani Rehman done his BSc.Mechanical and M.S in Manufacturing from UET Peshawar. He is now a psycho patient and a drugs addict due to having no job since 1975 and bad financial situation, he is still living in the Mechanical department abusing mechanical department and UET for wasting his precious 4 years .

Major problem of unemployment in Pakistan is that whenever a new technology comes then all the people starts studying about that with out knowing about the fact that they really have the ability to learn about this new technology and would they get enough money in practical field. Then at the end, you will see 10,000 students of a particular field against 5 or 10 job vacancies. Unemployment is enforced redundancy of pay, earner who is able and willing to work but cannot find jobs.

This post is not demotivating or for defaming an institute, it is just to share some exceptional cases of past from educational sector that problems and struggle we face during our professional career are not new or its not only you, it is just your effort you make in your career and how you take it serious. Being university graduate wont make you a guaranteed employee it need much more effort in market. Now a days in this modern era we need to focus on new innovations and new tech products to compete and make some proficient competition.

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