6 Indigenous Beverages of Peshawar

beverages of peshawar

Peshawar is famous for spicy food but also having some indigenous beverages, You must try these. I compiled some of my Instagram post in this blog, other post regarding other indigenous culture can be seen on my Instagram account.

1. Qehwa:
Qehwa is a traditional green tea preparation consumed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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2. Sugar Cane Juice:
Sugarcane juice is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a beverage mostly in Peshawar Valley and Hashnaghar.

3. Lassi / Shomly:
Shomly is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink. Shomly is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Traditional Shomly is a savoury drink, sometimes flavored with ground and roasted cumin.

Ze y pa shomlo matom. #ShomlyTeam #RojyTaray #Lassi #YogurtShake

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4. Sharbat Gond Kateera:
Sharbat Gond Kateera(Tragacanth Gum) is famous beverage of Peshawar. Prepare from different hurbs, having alot of benefit specifically its comes over heat. (I made this video, Just watch its preparation)

5. Taj Soda Water
Taj Soda Water is establish in 1936, with a famous drink “Jenjař”. For the first-time I came here with my father in my childhood. and after that when ever we visit Qissa khwani, (Peshawar City) we quench our thirst through Taj Soda Water.

6. Street Instant Beverage Vendors
A Beverages shop who sells local drinks like Gur Sharbat, Sandal Sandal, Lemon, Jam e Shirin etc.. They prepare instantly.

Cover Photo: Inside View of Taj Soda Water, Qissa Khwani, Peshawar (Photo: Shafeeq, 2016)
Published by Shafeeq Gigyani

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