20 Random and attractive lines on vehicles in Peshawar

double shah

Pakistan, especially Peshawar, is famous for truck art, calligraphy and painting on vehicles. Ziat tar driveran khpal sur lagai and they want to post eye-catching text on their vehicles. Even if they have rickshaw they ll decorate it with lots of Zundi, Sheeshy and painting. Let’s have a deep postmortem of this post.

1. Starting from “Meena Kawa Khu 302 Ma Kawa”, 302 is an act of intentional and deliberate murder according to PPC means kills someone but don’t fall in love. If you find the text on a vehicle 110% chances che driver ashiq de.



2. One can find lots of Suzaki on GT Road especially on Eid and 14 Aug heading towards northern area for picnic. Kalam, a beautiful tourist spot is one of them. Imagine the curiosity and joy of their trip to Kalam from the banner 😉



3. Some drivers find a way to take revenge from Double Shah, a well known scammer. Double Shah da khamar bachi ba khalko na pesy sabacha ke aw bya ba gheb shu 😀

double shah


4. Tait sha ya pa side sha, a threat from Mehran

pakistani funny car


5. OMG! Naik pa chaja ke de..pakistani funny car

6. You must have a friend who is always looking for his own benefits nur pa dunya oor lagai. daka loba agha la kafi da.

pakistani funny car

7. Some of them have parable poetic collections


8. Request for mother’s prayer ^_^ Omg Omg!


9. Tor Khamar Suzakay with an Ashiq Darhai driver, #S


10. A well known invitation 😉 Kabhi Ao Na Peshawar Khushbo Laga kay #ShekhSajjad 😉


11. You ll not believe but i am still waiting for you! Bus rasha kana Jaan <3


12. When a tami is inspired from Gajni


14. Grammar level = Charsadiwal


13. All the way from Nazia Iqbal fan club


14. A visual representation of Ghareb Khan aka Tawani; Har time khasara ke TM


15. Relax, Chill, Logy, Sabacha


16. Acha Chalta hoon Duaon ma yaad rakhna, all the way from Ibrar jani’s heart #TaSirfZmaYe


17. Come fly with us #LasDaMeenyRaka


18. ThankYouRaheelShareef


19. Za che zu da lewanai kali ta


20. A gentle reminder


Nu Khalko, i hope che taso ba da collection enjoy kre we. Trying our best to showcase our own stories, culture, people and cities in the website. Everyone is encourage to share articles, stories and updates with us. Nur khu asem be tankha mazdoran you and want to make you happy..

Staso Raye?


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